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About Us

About us 👪

This page is written from the hand of local veterinarians, web research, and the experience of its creators with their beautiful Beagle dogs, Marco (6 years old) and Bittersweet ✞ (1-year-old).

The editors of this website are two young people with great love and affection for animals in general. However, the very particular experiences with their beagles (Marco and Bitter) have led them to collect and provide information for all owners of dogs of this breed.

Beagle breed dogs are very particular. Not only do their physical characteristics make them lovable dogs, but their personalities also make them a dream for many and unexpected (and sometimes hostile) for others.

Beagle dog owners know exactly what we’re talking about. As puppies, they are not only a furry little ball of love, but they are also an infinite battery that requires special attention and care.

Owning a Beagle dog requires time, dedication, PATIENCE, money, self-confidence, and information about the breed.

We love that people choose Beagles as members of their families, but what interests us MOST is that at the moment they choose it, they know exactly what they are up against. Unfortunately, hasty adoptions or purchases lead many people to abandon or abuse their dogs.

Helping people decide based on the reality of race is our primary goal. As well as providing information about their needs, possible diseases, better food diets, care during pregnancy, lactation, etc. As our main page says, here you find everything about the Beagle dog.

This page is precious to us, as we can immortalize our post-adoption experiences with Marco and the little time we were able to share with Bitter.

Like us at the beginning, we know that many people are unaware of all the attention and care needs of the breed and living first-hand what it means not to find a site that has all the specific information about Beagles. And, that is precisely what we offer our readers:

A website by and for Beagles.

We love reading them, hearing from you, reading about your experiences with Beagle dogs, or answering questions if you consider adopting or buying. We do not judge; what interests us most is that the Beagles are well, safe, loved, and in a good home.

Without further ado, we invite you to also read the story of how Marco Antonio came into our lives. And… as soon as we have the strength to do so, the level of our beloved Bittersweet.

a furry hug,

Lina and Carlos Silva.

For more information, do not hesitate to write to us: