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The most complete guide about the Beagle dog

The most complete guide about the Beagle dog

Hi, I’m Marco, a beagle dog. On this page you can find everything about my race; the care that our soft little ears should have, the food that we should take to be healthy and full of energy, among other interesting things, wow

To begin with, you have to know that we beagles are excellent companion dogs. We are full of energy and always ready to play, which is why we are considered the best dogs for children.

Do you have little space in your home? do not worry! beagles are ideal dogs for apartments, apartments, lofts and small houses.

Do you already have a beagle? Are you thinking of adopting a beagle to join your pack? This page is ideal for you. Here you will find all the care that we must have, and all the love that we are going to offer you!

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History of the beagle dog breed

My ancestors, the beagles of old, were considered excellent hunting dogs. Thanks to our great sense of smell, which helped our masters track delicious and playful hares and rabbits. Did someone say hare?

Fun fact: Today, we use this olfactory ability in essential jobs. Many beagles work as drug dogs or police dogs.

The origin of our wonderful breed takes us back more than 2,000 years ago. Over the years, we have developed and acquired new skills until we have become a modern beagles like me. Wow!

My great-great-grandfather had a talbot dog, a white hound and a bit heavy, owned by William the Conqueror. So he decided to cross his beagle dog with a greyhound dog so that the future litter would have more agility and speed, resulting in a nice tenderloin like me.

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As the years went by, beagles became more and more popular among people, especially children. Our cute appearance attracted the attention of the little ones, and our calm demeanor won over their parents. Beagles are the best dogs for children!

Today our appearance and behavior remain the same; adorable and playful dogs. If a beagle is part of your family, you probably already know it. Yes. Now, what are you waiting for to adopt a beagle?

Characteristics of Beagle Dogs

The medium size of beagles makes them ideal dogs for apartment living. But, don’t forget that we are playful and full of energy. Beagle dogs need at least one walk a day to burn their energy and not get bored at home. When we are bored, shoes look like excellent toys.

That brings us to the next point, beagles love dog toys. (and shoes too) The best way to keep a beagle busy while his owner is at work or away from home is to keep him entertained with a good toy (or lots).

We beagles are not tall. The males of the Beagle breed usually measure between 35-41 cm and weigh between 10 – 11 Kg. On the other hand, female beagles measure between 33 – 38 cm and weigh 9 – 10 Kg. Therefore, we are a medium dog breed, ideal for you. Wow!

Our temperament is the best. Beagles are happy, affectionate dogs with good energy to entertain children all day. We are very friendly, gentle, and super bright…did I ever tell you about the time I escaped by ripping out a window without hurting myself?

Our breed has an average lifespan of between 12 and 15 years, as long as we have the corresponding care. So we guarantee you 15 long years of love and companionship, this being the case.

The behavior of Beagles Dogs

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This is where we stand out the most!

Beagles are tender, affectionate, energetic, and intelligent dogs. We are always ready to play, run or chase. We like to play so much that if you don’t teach us when it’s time to play and when to be still, we will always be playing; This is why we require training.

Teaching us the rules of your home will be easy if we put them into practice from day 1. Beagles are intelligent dogs. If you teach me patience, I will quickly learn where you want me to relieve myself and the routines for walks and meals.

I will learn those routines so well that they will become my own rules. If you get used to doing my business outside, I’ll hold out at home as long as possible. If you can’t take me outside to relieve myself, you should teach me with training pads to do it at home. I’ll learn fast, I promise!

However, I ask you not to forget often to take me out for a walk. Beagles are dogs full of energy, and being cooped up all day can lead us to commit shoe poisoning and bite things that shouldn’t be bitten. We don’t like being alone either :(.

If you have to leave us alone at home for some reason (work, school), our toys must keep us company. A toy that will keep us entertained for hours is the kong. Trying to remove the food you put inside will take us away from your shoes and precious objects.

While you’re away from home, I will try to take care of our home and scare away bandits with my barks. However, my barking is the only scary thing about me. I am good at alerting intruders, but my adorable and cuddly appearance prevents me from being a guard dog.

These puppies are very good with children, but you must make sure that they are supervised at all times. Be sure to keep a close eye on your new puppy and your older dogs. If you’re not sure if a beagle is suitable for your home, ask for a trainer’s assessment.

How to take care of a Beagle Dog?

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Even though our fur is short, we frequently shed to stay cute and fluffy. As a result, you will most likely find hair on your sofa, your clothes, shoes, carpet, kitchen, patio, and in general, all the places where I like to be. The best way to keep those unruly hairs under control is by brushing once a day with a firm bristle brush.

The coat of beagle dogs requires at least 2 baths a month. These baths should be mild, non-irritating shampoo (for dogs). You can bathe yourself from the first year, but I will require a veterinarian or someone with experience to cut my nails 3 times a year.

One of our softest parts is our little ears, which should be checked occasionally for signs of infection (discolored wax, dirt, foul odor). A symptom that something is not right with my little ears is that I scratch excessively, whimper, or shake my head constantly. Do not hesitate to take me to the vet if I present these behaviors.

One of the most common problems with beagles is that they are prone to obesity. Being obese can aggravate joint problems, heart problems, and digestive disorders. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your beagle at a healthy weight. If you have a beagle dog, you should avoid giving them treats. They love them! So you have to keep them away from food and other sources of danger.

Beagle Dog Diseases

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The beagle breed is robust, solid, and less prone to canine diseases than many other dog breeds. Beagles are active dogs that need daily exercise to maintain a healthy weight. The most common health problems associated with our Beagle breed are:

The obesity:
The risk of obesity increases as we become adult dogs. So gaining weight is normal…up to a point. As I grow, I will require a diet and exercise according to my metabolism.

This disease should be consulted immediately with our veterinarian. The most apparent symptom is convulsions that can cause us to fall, arch our heads and necks, open our mouths wide, extend our limbs, and tremble unevenly. Seizures usually last a couple of minutes. DON’T FORGET TO TAKE YOUR Beagle TO THE VET RIGHT AWAY.

The allergies:
Just like people, Beagles can develop allergic reactions to different things. Symptoms include constant scratching or prolonged ear infections.

The cherry eye:
This condition occurs when the tissue that supports the tear gland in the third eyelid weakens, causing the gland to slip out of place and become visible.

If the thyroid is not working correctly, our coat will become dull, our hair will fall out, we will show lethargy, and we will be uncomfortable with cold weather. This condition can be treated with a daily supplement of thyroid hormone.

All of these conditions can be treated or managed by my veterinarian. If you take care of us properly, we have an average life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

What foods does a Beagle Dog need?

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Mmm, food… my favorite part of the day. The food that you will serve your beagle puppy should be rich in protein. For growing puppies, the demand for protein is very high compared to adults. Protein-rich food helps maintain our active lifestyle.

Beagles are among the most popular dog breeds, and they are highly lovable and curious. Like any breed, they have a wide range of food preferences, so it is essential to know how to feed a beagle correctly. Knowing what type of food to eat and what portion size to provide for the best results is necessary.

Beagles must eat a lot of fat. So finding the right source of fat is essential, as not all types of fat are healthy for dogs. If you’re not sure which kind of fat is best, you can also feed your dog a supplement that contains omega-3 fatty acids. But make sure the fat you provide comes from a brand name source. Fish oil, for example, is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for your dog’s proper digestion.

You can also choose to serve me foods that contain fatty acids, vegetables, fruits, and more. These are good for my health.

You will have no problem choosing my dog ​​food. Beagles are known to eat almost everything. We are not demanding, but we require a balanced diet to stay healthy, smooth, and energetic.

If you feed your high-quality beagle food, you will be doing your dog a favor. A portion of high-quality dog ​​food contains protein from lean meat, which your beagle needs to thrive. In addition, the best food for a beagle has no fillers. By-products, such as turkey contain additives that are harmful to dogs. Likewise, beef is not the only meat your beagle should eat.