This page is written by local veterinarians, web research, and the creators’ own experience with their beautiful Beagle dogs: Marco (6 years old) and Bittersweet ✞ (1 year old).

The writers of this website are two young individuals with a great love and affection for animals in general. However, it is their unique experiences with their Beagle dogs, Marco and Bittersweet, that have led them to gather and provide information for all Beagle owners.

Beagle dogs are quite special. Not only are their physical characteristics adorable, but their personality makes them a dream for many and something unexpected (and sometimes challenging) for others.Beagle owners know exactly what we’re talking about. As puppies, they are not just fluffy balls of love but also endless bundles of energy that require special attention and care.

Being a Beagle owner requires time, dedication, PATIENCE, money, self-confidence, and information about the breed.

We love it when people choose Beagles as part of their families, but what matters MOST to us is that when they make that choice, they know exactly what they’re getting into. Hasty adoptions or purchases often lead people to abandon or mistreat their dogs.

Our main goal is to help people make an informed decision based on the reality of the breed. We also provide information about their needs, potential health issues, best dietary practices, care during pregnancy and lactation, and more. Just as our homepage states, here you can find everything about Beagle dogs.

This website is especially valuable to us because it allows us to immortalize our experiences after adopting Marco and the short time we were able to spend with Bittersweet.

We know that, like us at the beginning, many people are unaware of all the attention and care needs of the breed. We also experienced firsthand the struggle of not finding a single place with specific information about Beagles. That’s precisely what we offer to our readers:

A website by and for Beagles.

We love reading your stories, hearing from you, learning about your experiences with Beagle dogs, or helping answer any questions you may have if you’re considering adoption or purchase. We don’t judge; what matters most to us is that Beagles are well, safe, loved, and in good homes.

Without further ado, we invite you to also read the story of how Marco Antonio came into our lives. And as soon as we have the strength to do so, the story of our beloved Bittersweet.

A furry hug,

Lina and Carlos Silva

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us: [email protected]