Beagle Dog Care Tips

The day has come, the moment has arrived when we see our Beagle for the first time. He is so small, so beautiful, so soft and so delicate! What do I have to do, what are the cares of a Beagle, what does he have to eat, can I take him for a walk so soon? All these questions and more are the ones we are going to help you answer on this occasion.

We know that all puppies must have special care because they are like babies, only in a fluffier version. That is why below you will find some tips that will help you with your first Beagle puppy.

What food should I give my Beagle Dog?

For dogs, food is as fundamental as any other living being, that is why we must choose a good concentrate or dog food for our new member of the family. That is why below you will find an article dedicated to the food for our puppy.

Remember that the concentrate or dog food must be balanced in proteins and nutrients. This to offer the best in nutrition to our Beagle Dog.

Can I take my Beagle Dog for a walk?

Cachorro de Beagle
Adorable Pure Beagle Puppy

Just like a newborn baby, we must be very careful with our Beagle puppy, since its defenses are not as high as those of an adult dog. That is why, it is suggested not to take him out for a walk in his first months. Even, some veterinarians recommend not to take him out in his first year, until the vaccination schedule is completed.

This is because, if the puppy does not have the complete vaccination schedule, it is very likely to contract parvovirus. This disease is very common in puppies and can cause death.

What is the vaccination schedule for Beagles?

The vaccination schedule for Beagles or Beagles puppies is the same as for all dogs. That is why, if you want to delve deeper into the subject of the vaccination schedule for dogs, we leave you below our specialized canine vaccination guide article.

Care of their ears

beagle dog, beagle puppy
I feel like Dumbo!

Are those ears or pillows? That’s the question we all ask ourselves when we touch a Beagle’s ears. But, you know the saying: “It’s my gift, it’s my curse” These soft little ears also come with their disadvantages.

We must be very attentive to our Beagle’s ears. This is because, due to their large size, they tend to suffer from infections because air doesn’t circulate well inside them. That’s why we should clean them regularly and avoid letting our Beagles be in damp areas, as this can lead to infections.

Keep them away from potentially destructive things.

Has it damaged your new shoes? Well, maybe it’s not entirely his fault. Beagle dogs, like all dogs, tend to chew on absolutely everything when they are growing up. This is because they are teething and want to test their new teeth on everything… and I mean everything. Our Beagle tested her teeth on wooden doors, metal objects, rocks, furniture, shoes, toys—anything you can imagine.

That’s why it’s important to buy toys that they enjoy chewing on. And whenever you see them chewing on something they shouldn’t, reprimand them. Don’t hit them, remember that hitting won’t achieve anything good.

Here’s an article that explains why Beagle dogs tend to bite or destroy things.

Get ready for a mountain of fur.

Some dog breeds, more than others, tend to shed a lot of fur. Unfortunately, beagle dogs are one of the breeds that shed the most hair. However, it’s not unbearable, as it’s the sacrifice we make for having one of the softest coats.

That’s why we recommend brushing them two or three times a week to remove the dead hair and keep their coat much softer.

Beagle Dog Diseases.

beagle dog, beagle puppy

Unfortunately, our Beagle dogs are not exempt from some diseases. That’s why we must be very attentive to their behavior, as it can give us clues about their health status. Nevertheless, Beagle dogs tend to suffer from certain diseases due to their breed characteristics. Therefore, you will find the health section on our website below.

There, you will be able to find ALL the diseases that our Beagle dogs can potentially experience. This way, you can learn about each disease and how to treat it. However, For Beagles recommends that the first step is to visit a veterinarian.

Combating obesity in Beagle dogs.

When you think of Beagle dogs, words like hunting, rabbits or hares, floppy ears, Snoopy, and obesity come to mind. And it’s not surprising, as Beagle dogs have a tendency to gain weight easily.

This is because Beagle dogs are hunting dogs, which means they are used to being active and running around all day. That’s why they have such high energy reserves. And well, if you have so much energy and don’t burn it off, it’s likely that you will gain weight.

If you want to learn more about obesity in Beagle dogs, we have provided an article below that will answer all your questions.

You’ve acquired the best dog in the world.

beagle dog, beagle puppy

You have acquired an almost infinite source of energy, a bundle of fur, and a lot of love. That’s right, you have the best dog in the world. We don’t want to discredit any other dog, as they are all perfect, but… Beagle dogs are the best! And if you think otherwise, it’s probably because you haven’t had one.

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