How to know if my Beagle is purebred?

How to know if a Beagle is original?

Beagles are small to medium-sized dogs, full of energy and eager to play at all times. This is why many people and families buy or adopt one. But do you really know if your beagle dog is pure? Or, perhaps it is a cross between the beagle breed and another.

purebred beagle, original beagle

In this article, we will teach you how to recognize if your beagle dog is genuine or if, on the contrary, it is a cross with another breed.

When adopting or buying a beagle dog, it is essential to recognize its physical characteristics and behavior. Identifying a beagle dog’s size, shape, color, and temperament will help you find that furry friend, child, or brother you want. If this guide does not give you the certainty that your Beagle is purebred, there is always the possibility of consulting an expert, a veterinarian, or a dog breeder.

Characteristics Pure Beagle

One of the easiest ways to identify that your beagle dog is pure is its physical characteristics since we can see these very easily. But, besides that, all beagles almost perfectly share all of these physiological similarities.

The color

Beagles come in different colors, with the two most common being tricolor (black, white, and brown) and lemon (light brown and white). The other presentation or combination of beagle fur is bicolor, which can be black and white or dark brown and white.

The coat color of a beagle dog is primarily white with varying combinations of brown, black, and red. Still, coat color and patterns may vary if the dog is not a purebred beagle.

pure breed beagle, beagle original, real beagle

The softest little ears in the midwest

As is known, beagles belong to the bloodhound family. This means that beagles have large, drooping ears that typically end below their faces. Beagles’ ears tend to be wide and cover much of the dog’s head. If the dog has pointed ears on top of its head, it is not a beagle, or at least not a purebred beagle.

It should also be added that the ears of beagles are incredibly soft, and that is why they must have necessary care and hygiene.

The tail

Beagles have medium-sized tail that stands up on their back. In addition, beagles are characterized by their distinctive white-tipped tail. If your Beagle has this feature, you have a purebred beagle. It doesn’t matter if it is just a few hairs.

The white tip on the tail of pure Beagle dogs made it easier for English hunters to recognize their dog in the tall grasses looking for a game.

The paws

All purebred beagles have all four paws with entirely white fur. This is a characteristic that can be seen in all beagles. If your beagle dog has both the front and rear legs with a different shade of white, it may be a beagle cross. However, that doesn’t take away from how beautiful it is.

The size

Beagles are small, slim dogs. Males usually measure between 35-41 cm and weigh between 10 – 11 Kg. On the other hand, females typically measure between 33 – 38 cm and weigh between 9 – 10 Kg. Although a healthy beagle dog weighs between 9 and 11 kg, this must be taken into account since this dog breed usually suffers from obesity.

The behavior of pure race Beagle dogs

One of the most remarkable behavioral traits seen in beagles is that they are very affectionate, cheerful, and have outstanding energy reserves that help hunt.

The bark of a Pure Beagle dog

Beagles have a loud and persistent bark. Because beagles belong to the bloodhound family, they are dogs with the peculiarity of howling or barking when they play, or strangers approach them.

The bark of the beagle dogs is cataloged as one of the loudest barks since this served so that the English hunters could hear it when it was far enough away from it. Although beagles tend to bark if they are not controlled, the reason for their barking may be happiness or alertness.

Fact: Many people train it to bark at opportune moments to not become a nuisance in quiet places.

real beagle dog, purebred beagle dog

They smell ability

Like other dogs that belong to the bloodhound family, beagles have excellent noses and love to smell everything. If you go for a walk with your beagle, he will constantly be sniffing his surroundings. When your loin meets new people, one of the first things he will do is smell them.

Stubborn but smart

Beagles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. They have that instinct to do things that never cross your mind, something like escaping from a room by removing glass from the window and going out there. So they are also known as escape dogs.

Despite being very intelligent, they are complicated to train. This means that training Beagles is not an easy task at all. In addition, Beagle puppies tend to have more trouble being housetrained.

Ask acquaintances or experts in Beagle dogs.

If at the end of the article you still have doubts about whether your beagle dog is pure or if the beagle dog you are going to adopt or buy is, you can always choose to ask people who know about the subject.

Ask another Beagle Dog owner.

If you know or find someone else who has a beagle dog, you can politely ask if the dog is purebred and how he behaves. In the same way, you can also request that person if your beagle dog is purebred.

Ask your vet

If you are still in doubt that your dog is not purebred, you can take it to the vet. They are generally familiar with all breeds of dogs and will be able to help you identify if your beagle is purebred with physical examinations.

Talk to a Beagle Dog breeder.

If you buy your beagle dog in a kennel, make sure that they give you the breed certificate, which recognizes the purity of the beagle dog. In general, the papers also show the parents of the puppy you are about to acquire, to demonstrate the righteousness of the Beagle puppy.

A kennel manager can also help you identify if your beagle is purebred, even if you didn’t buy it from him.

DNA test for purebred

Yes! Now it is possible to do a DNA test on our dogs. So if you want to get rid of the doubt about whether or not it is 100% Beagle, or you need to know for some medical reason, this DNA test for dogs can quickly get you out of doubt.

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