Story of Marco Antonio

Hello! I’m Carlos, Marco Antonio’s father. This article is intended to explain Marco’s entire story, from the moment he entered my life until the present day.

To provide some context, I have been a dog lover since I was very young, not only Beagles but all dogs in general. I have had many dogs since I was a child. However, I had never owned a Beagle before. I had taken care of Beagles owned by family and friends, but Marco was my first own Beagle.


On September 4, 2018, I was working at the store, just like any other day, but it turned out to be quite extraordinary. In the morning, a Beagle dog approached me. He looked neglected, as if he had been on the streets for days, which was strange because he was wearing a collar. I did what was necessary: gave him water, food (although he didn’t eat the kibble, bread, or sausage I offered), and took some photos to post on social media in case he belonged to someone. No one called, no one reached out, no one inquired.

Unfortunately, that same night, my grandfather passed away due to a lung disease.

The next day, the Beagle dog returned to the store. Once again, I offered him food and water, but he still didn’t eat, only drank water. I gave him some affection, and then he left. On September 6, the day of my grandfather’s funeral, I couldn’t help but think about that Beagle dog because he would come to the store again for water. However, on that day, he couldn’t find it as the store was closed.

But guess what? As I was on my way to the cemetery, I spotted that Beagle dog wandering the city streets. I knew it was him. He had the same neglected appearance and his blue collar was dirty. At that moment, I made one of the best decisions of my life: I would adopt him if he returned to the store the next day.

And he did. The next day, that stray Beagle came back for his dose of water. I immediately called my trusted veterinarian, and they came to pick him up to perform all the necessary tests: bath, deworming, annual vaccination, parasite treatment, blood tests to check for any stomach bacteria affecting his appetite, and dental examination to assess his condition and age. I also bought a multivitamin supplement to boost his immune system.


I named him Marco after the German football player from Borussia Dortmund, Marco Reus. As for Antonio, it just sounded like a good match, haha. On his first night, he slept in my room next to my bed. I made a makeshift bed for him using some shirts and sheets to ensure his comfort.

When the test results came back, it showed that Marco was only 4 years old and in good health. The veterinarian informed me that Marco didn’t have any stomach bacteria, which was a relief. However, they also mentioned that he had a much more serious condition: depression, and the only cure for it was lots of love. Perhaps Marco had another family who got tired of him and decided to abandon him, which would explain why he had a collar and was neutered.

Days turned into weeks and months, and Marco Antonio became a part of the family. There wasn’t a day when he didn’t accompany me on my motorcycle. He went everywhere with me, even to work. When I was working, he would simply sleep on my lap. If I stepped out for a moment, he would start barking. He didn’t like being alone, and to this day, he still doesn’t.


Marco was a street dog, which meant that to avoid starving, he had to eat whatever he found on the streets. Often, he would search through garbage for scraps of food.

Even after he came home with me, his instinct to scavenge through garbage didn’t go away. He would try to tip over trash bins whenever he saw one, searching for something he liked to eat. The solution to this problem was to keep him away from trash bins. The larger bins had to be placed in an inaccessible area, and the smaller ones were put on tables where he couldn’t reach them.


Many veterinarians and dog experts suggest not feeding dogs table scraps to avoid causing skin, coat, and digestive problems. However, they do mention that you can occasionally give them chicken, chicken bones, chicken giblets, or other chicken-related parts.

When Marco first arrived, he wouldn’t eat any commercial dog food, regardless of the brand or price. He simply sniffed it and left it untouched. It’s important to note that he was still dealing with depression, which was one of the reasons he didn’t have an appetite. I tried combining the kibble with special dog food made from salmon or lamb, but it didn’t work.

The situation changed when I offered him table scraps like rice, meat, bread, and deli meats. However, I didn’t want to feed him human food; I wanted him to eat proper dog food for his overall well-being. My trusted veterinarian reassured me and suggested that I change the kibble every day, even if he didn’t eat it, and that eventually, he would eat out of necessity. And it happened. Marco started eating the kibble, although he didn’t finish it all.

Over time, I started combining the kibble with table scraps like soup, pieces of chicken, or chicken bones. He especially loved the soup because all the kibble would get soaked, making it even more delicious for him.


On October 31, it was Marco Antonio’s first Halloween with his new family, and of course, he couldn’t be left without a costume. I bought him an Incredible Hulk costume and had a mask made for him.

He became the envy of many dogs and the adoration of many people. Some even gave him treats, although Marco didn’t eat them. That task was left to me.


There came a time when I couldn’t bring Marco to work anymore, which meant he had to stay at home while I worked. My job is demanding, and I have to be away from home for 8 to 11 hours. This meant that I could only see him in the morning and at night before leaving for work.

Marco was a street dog, and he suffered from depression, possibly due to abandonment. As a result, he didn’t like being alone. When I left for work, he was never alone at home because my girlfriend, Lina, was always there. However, he would still anxiously wait by the door all day, hoping for my return or occasionally resort to destructive behavior.


Toys for dogs are a great way to keep them entertained for hours when you’re not at home. There are all types, shapes, and colors of toys available. Find the one that suits your furry friend the best.

Unfortunately, toys didn’t work for Marco. He was already a four-year-old adult dog who showed no interest in balls, ropes, or squeaky toys. That’s when Lina and I decided to consider another option, which many people recommended.


Lina and I made the decision to bring a sibling for Marco into our lives. We adopted a female Beagle who was just 45 days old. She was a little baby, the most beautiful thing in the world. As I mentioned before, despite my love for Beagles, I had never had one of my own. Although Marco was my first Beagle, I didn’t have the opportunity to raise him from a puppy and watch him grow.

We named this little four-legged bundle of love Bittersweet, inspired by a song. Her adaptation to her new home was not very difficult, thanks to Marco. She followed him everywhere, even though he initially found it annoying. But as the days went by, Marco grew fond of her.

Marco and Bittersweet were inseparable, especially from Bittersweet’s perspective. She stuck to Marco like gum, never wanting to leave him alone. She ate beside him, walked beside him, and slept next to or on top of him. Marco, on the other hand, tolerated her presence.

These two adorable Beagles brought so much joy to our lives. They became the best of friends and filled our home with love and happiness.

Throughout the years, Marco’s depression gradually diminished, thanks to the love and care he received from our family. He transformed into a playful, energetic, and loving Beagle who always brightens our days.

Marco’s story is a testament to the resilience and capacity for love that dogs possess. We are grateful to have him as a part of our family, and we will continue to provide him with all the love and care he deserves.

If you’re considering getting a dog, I encourage you to consider adoption or rescue. There are so many wonderful dogs like Marco waiting for a loving home. They can bring immense joy and companionship into your life.

As for Marco, he will forever hold a special place in our hearts, and we look forward to creating more beautiful memories together.

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